Monday, December 30, 2013

Before the Big day

Hello, my sweeties!
I've been willing to post the recipe of my Christmas Cake yesterday night, but I've fallen asleep doing so. It's a bit difficult translating it without a proper vocabulary in the cooking field :). But I promise that it will be live before the end of the week.
Having received my cool suit from SheInside today, I thought I'd dress more feminine today while going shopping for a dress in the Louise quarter of Brussels. I didn't yet find a dress so I would like so much for New Year's Eve, that will persuade me to buy it although I know that Friday I'll find it cheaper during the official Sales. So I guess I will wear one of my old dresses for the party.
Anyway, I was glad to see my outfit being admired by so many people on the street ^^
I hope you will like it as well.

What I wore:
- SheInside suit ( find it here)
- Zara booties
- Zara fake fur vest
- Bag from local store of Palma De Mallorca
- Forever 21 hat

So, this is what I wore this afternoon. I can't say that I wasn't cold a little, because it was so chilly outside. Luckily the suit really is perfect for this type of weather being cozy and all.

Before I leave you today I would just like to share with you a great Giveaway that I've just discovered and which is ending on the 5th of January. 
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Now, it's only open to Europe, as I read in the contest rules, but I thought it'd be fun to let you guys know. 
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What better way to end the year than with some news from Romwe?!

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wild One

Hello, loves!
I was so happy to have a little sun today, so happy that I thought I'd do a fun photo shoot featuring my new sweater palm from Mr. GUGU& Miss GO and some cool shades from Wholesale Celebshades.
So, if you're looking for a cool, loose look with sneakers this is the one for you!

What I wore:
Zara sneakers
- Zara leggings
- Mr. GUGU & Miss GO sweater ( find it here)
- Guess watch

- Wholesale Celebshades sunnies ( find them here )

I would love as well to share with you the words that inspired me this look. You know that I get my inspiration from everything, be it a song, the way I feel, someone from the street or even a movie!

" The happy life be these:
The quiet mind, the equal friend
No grudge, nor strife
Wisdom join'd with simplicity
The night discharged of all care "
- Surrey.

I am at the last episode of The Tudors and frankly I am and forever will be with this show. It's too bad  it has reached its end. But nevertheless I strongly advise you to watch it. You'll learn lots of history from it as well :).

 Stay true! 


Friday, December 27, 2013

Mixing it up

Hi, guys!
I bet you are all so busy preparing for the last night of this year, and I'm sure you're doing a great job at it. :) I'll spend my New Year in a family atmosphere, nothing special, just my loved ones. 
I was willing to attend the bal thrown here in Brussels, but that would mean spending some time (well a lot actually), choosing a dress maybe.. making preparations.. So I thought I'd go "light" this year :).
That way I can have more time to blog as well :D. So, today I did a few shots, although the weather is dreadful.. rain and wind.. can't even describe in words how I hate it. Nevertheless, I was meaning to try on the dress from Wholesale7, which turned out to be a longer blouse to say so :). But as I love a challenge more than anyone else, I did manage to do a combo that I really hope you guys will like.

What I wore:
- Zara booties
- LiuJo coat
- Wholesale7 dress ( find it here)
- Zara feather skirt
- Zara envelope bag
- Wholesale7 necklace ( find it here )

The dress has gain its big plus for the off-shoulder design. I totally love dresses that have personality and that fit me so good.
So, this is my look for today darlings. I really do hope you'll enjoy your weekend. If the weather allows me, I'll be back tomorrow with another awesome post. :)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Street Performer

Hello, loves!
In case you've missed out on my other post from today, I would like to wish you again a Merry Christmas. Hope you have enjoyed yourselves during this holiday and I thank you again for being so supportive and nice all the time. It's you guys who got me going with all this blogging gig. :) I am most grateful.
You know that I like, from time to time, to have a theme for my outfit. So, in this Christmas day, where everyone has an outfit prepared with the holiday theme, I wanted to do something different.
Having received a violin for Xmas, had inspired me to do this next look. No, I haven't started performing on the streets or even performing for that matter :). Still a newbie at this instrument, but I'm determined to learn.
Anyway, I thought I'd use the case in a fashionable look. That, combined with my diamond studded flats from Wholesale7 and the lovely shades from Wholesale Celebshades, plus attitude, turned my combo into a hit ( at least I think so). :)

What I wore:
- Wholesale7 flats ( find them here)
- Bershka jumper
- Zara scarf
- Local boutique coat
- Wholesale Celebshades sunnies ( find them here )

So, I think it might seem a bit strange to you, but I totally love this combo ^^
I know that I promised you the recipe for the sweet cake I did for Christmas (you've seen it on Instagram, if you're following me there), but I'll be sure to post it one of this days, so I can make the translation from Romanian to English :). 
Thank you so much for your appreciation ^^


Love for Dresses - Christmas Edition

Hello, loves!
Unfortunately it's been raining for two days here in Brussels, so I haven't had much  luck with doing my usual ootd. But I would like, nevertheless, write a little post on my fave topic : dresses.
Of course, not before wishing you a Merry Merry Christmas and thanking you because you've always been so supportive and nice. :)
Now, today's "spotted" online store is TBDress, a place where you can find so many wonderful dresses designs for all your tastes and occasions.

Now with all the commotion over the Holidays, I'm sure you are looking for the perfect dress to wear to the New Year's Eve party.
You have a wide selection of party dresses, long or short, at TBDress. You can even have your dream dress custom made, so it's simple as that to look like a princess at your special event.

At Tbdress, they also cover Wedding dresses, Bridesmaid dresses, Mother of the bride dresses, etc.
I know that I've often spoke about wedding dresses in my posts, but this time I would really want to speak about bridesmaid dresses. They have some really beautiful designs at TBDress, so from the new bridesmaid dresses 2014, here are some personal faves that you can find here:

- Fashionable A-line Halter Floor-lenght bridesmaid dress -

- Here is a  gorgeous A-line ankle-length dress -

- The fabulous plated knee-length one-shoulder dress -

If you are looking for one shoulder bridesmaid dresses, then here are some interesting picks from yours, truly :). You can find all of them here:

- The A-line Halter Flowers Long Bridesmaid dress-

- This A-line One shoulder floor length dress -

- The Ribbons/Sashes A-line Ruched Floor-Length dress -

I totally love their dresses and would chose them without even thinking! The prices are, as well, democratic and they ship worldwide, so you don't have to worry about that. 
I find that they are very professional which is a big plus nowadays. So, besides the joy of having a new dress, you can be assured that will arrive well, otherwise, it will be refunded. :)
 This is me recommending the online boutique TBDress, that had really taken away my dress-lover heart... ^^


Saturday, December 21, 2013

- Neuville -

Hi, guys!
Today I thought I'd make myself pretty and go to hit the stores for some last holiday shopping. Tomorrow I'll wrap my presents nicely and get them under the tree. Btw, thank you so much for all your nice holiday cheers on Instagram. I do wish you as well Happy Holidays and I'll not yet say Merry Christmas cause I'm planing to do so later on. :)
Anyway, going back to my outfit for today, I wanted to be in the Christmas spirit so as you can see, red (well, a burgundy red) is the main color. I was pleasantly surprised to see my coat from Very Simple to go so well with my cute shoes from WConcept Korea.
The central piece of my outfit is, as you can see, my beautiful bag from Neuville. What is Neuville, you ask? Well, La Maison Neuville, is a 1988 brand that makes the most fabulous bags (and not only) here in Belgium. Yes, it's a 100% belgian brand, so you can expect great quality, prompt service and a place where classic meets contemporary trends.

What I wore:
- WConcept Korea shoes ( find them here )
- VerySimple coat ( find it here )
- Neuville bag ( find it here ) 
- Zara necklace
- Local boutique loose dress

So, I hope you like today's look :)
I truly believe this bag can go with so many outfits... it's a must for your closet nevertheless ^^

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