Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tamally Maak

Hello sweeties,
I hope your weekend was as you've wished. I had a little time in the afternoon today to do a little workout and I've saw that I'm totally out of shape...the first push-ups were like someone was stabbing me lol! I have to get back on track and accomplish my NY resolution of an awesome body :) hahah.
Sometimes I like going out in the cold weather, for instance to shoot an outfit that I've put together at home. It's good for your health as well you know...but don't overdo it. 10 minutes is more than enough.
So, the outfit that I'm wearing is a day-time-Sex-and-the-City kinda look, matching this gorgeous royal blue dress from Hedonia which I find absolutely fantastic, with my Alexa Wagner sandals that I got from Shopbop. All in all, a perfect outfit for a date in my opinion :).
I'll let you enjoy it alongside a dear old song I like so much:

What I wore:
- Hedonia dress ( find it here)
- Alexa Wagner sandals ( find them here)
- Sfera clutch

So, how about it? Isn't this a magnificent look?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Viento del Arena

Hi sweeties,
Hope your weekend is going well. Just one more day and back to work, back to another week..but one closer to spring ! I had a very short moment today to take a little walk. I bought so many things during sales, many of them shoes obviously. For today I have a super cool outfit, featuring my Chicwish mustard top and faux-fur vest, also from Chicwish, a pair of Bershka jeans that I bought during the sales and...well.. I'll let you discover the rest :)

What I wore:
- Bershka jeans
- Chicwish blouse ( find it here)
- Chicwish faux-fur coat ( find it here)
- Zara boots
- Forever21 bag ( found some fringed bags here)

Let me know how you like the look sweeties :D
Tomorrow is another day, so another outfit post will be waiting for you !

Friday, January 29, 2016

Last Friday Night...

Hi guys,
"Groovy baby, it's the weekend!" What are your plans for this Friday night? I think I need a quick break and so, I decided to go out tonight. Now as much as I like fancy places and luxury stuff, I'm still a wild girl inside and all this hotness can't be tamed lol ! I thought I should show you what I'm wearing tonight - this amazing Hedonia Luci mini dress which screams glitter& grace. Matched it with a glittery clutch.
Sorry about the strange faces, but that awful wind wouldn't stop blowing !

What I wore:
- Hedonia dress ( find it here)
- Zara sandals
- New Look clutch ( some glittery clutches here )
- Guess by Marciano faux-fur coat 

Hope you like the look, guys!
Have a happy Friday! xo

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Just another ordinary day

Hi lovelies, 
Oh, I've just got home from a super long day. But I'm not complaining. I was shopping - yey - taking advantage of the last sales, last real deals :). What did you find during this month of sales? 
Well, I think you all know that shopping takes all your energy and you have to be prepared as such with a more comfy outfit :)
Mine it's a mix of fun and cool, sugar and spice! The jeggings come from BoylyMia, the jacket from TOMTOP and my lovely cozy boots are Marc by Marc Jacobs and they come from Shopbop.
I really think this is a simple outfit to recreate - you just need (as professor X) the right "ingredients" ;) (this was a note for the people who remember the Powerpuff Girls back from the day)

 What I wore:
- Zara tank top
- TOMTOP jacket ( find it here)
- BoylyMia jeggings (find them here)
- Marc by Marc Jacobs boots ( find them here)
- Forever21 bag

 How do you find the look? I must say that the boots are soooo comfortable and they are currently my go-to walking boots even to buy bread from the shop next door lol ! :)
 Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will leave your honest opinion in the comment box below. :D


Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Hi guys, 
Hope you week is going well. For me, the weather is teasing me of having a spring drizzle in the air. I know that winter hasn't finished yet and that we have another month of what could be snow and freezing temperatures, but it's sure awesome to have over 10 degrees outside ! :)
For today I have a super special outfit that could both work as an evening look or a street style one. The piece that defines the transition is my perfect Karl Lagerfeld watch ! With the proper outfit it could be both evening wear or day wear. It combines style and elegance in one perfect accessory.
Curious how I've worn it, what I've worn it with? Well, just keep reading ;)

What I wore:
- YOYOMELODY jumpsuit ( find it here)
- Choies fake-fur coat ( find it here)
- Zara shoes & envelope bag
- Karl Largerfeld BELLEVILLE BLACK watch ( find it here)

How do you like the look?
Hope I'll read the comments tonight before bed <3

Big thanks to UPR !

- Cluise -

Hi guys,
Looks like we're starting a new day in our usual rush. It's always difficult when you wake-up in the morning ( every week morning for that matter) and you have no idea what to wear. How would it be if there was something that would help us in a beat? Well, know that I'm a happy user of Cluise, a super cool app that not only gives you inspiration from other users, but it let's you upload your own closet pieces so that you can have a better insight of your dressing, as well as having this innovating option that picks for you what pieces of your closet are most appropriate according to the weather outside.
The app is pretty simple to use. I managed to do some screenshots so you have a better image of what I'm talking about:

This is my profile. You can easily make one yourself, by downloading firstly the app here for iOs and here for Android, and then adding your info and everything.
Whenever I want to add a new look or a new garment, I head over to my profile (tap the hanger) and then choose what I want to add, afterwards tapping on plus.
Now take a photo of your garment. To add the color of your item, just roll around the cercle until it shows your color. If you need more colors, tap on the garment and more cercles will appear. This will help the personal stylist that is Cluise to better choose your items when putting together an outfit.

Now Cluise is trying to recognize the item on its own.

Yey! The app guessed it's a garment for the body. Cluise is so smart, right? :)

 Now you have to fill in the details. My item is a faux-fur vest, so I choose as such.

Great, now all you have to do is add more ! 
I'm adding what I usually wear that day . It's easier for me :)
So, here is how you add a look with the garments you shot.
You simply tap Looks and then tap the plus.

- Choose what you are wearing in the look by selecting the garments from your photos.

- Now take a picture of yourself. Tap OK when ready or Retake to take another one.

Voilà, you're all set to go. Just add some hashtags or a caption and then tap on Save -  Now you have a trendy look on the Cluise feed. :) Easy, right?

And now for the fun part.
Cluise's Dress Me option.

According to the weather outside, Cluise will offer you a few options of outfits. Simple as that :).
What do you think about the app? Sounds pretty amazing, right? 
Hope you'll give it a try and share your thoughts :D

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