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Simple kind of life

Good morning, I have quite the busy day today, but nothing I can't handle ...I'm quite happy cause I managed to take some outfit pics yesterday, even though it's quite cold outside and they are forecasting even more low temperatures for the coming days... What is your week like? Anyway, here is the lovely look I managed to put together today :

What I wore: - New Chic Gracila Casual Turtleneck coffee cloack coat - Zara skirt - Zara shoes - ZAC Zac Posen Eartha bag - Dolce Gabbana gloves - SammyDress earrings

I bet you are all wondering about my poncho coat.. it's in one size and it's quite fluffy. I didn't expect it to be this cozy really :). And I thought to do a chic outfit with it, in a more DG direction... Hope you like it ! 
See you tomorrow ! 
Kisses, R.

God's plan

Hi sweeties, As you have noticed maybe, I took a couple of days off just to clear my head...and it was good! Definitely gonna do that more often. It's important to spend more time with family, you never know when everything is going to end and I don't want to look back and feel bad that I pursued more my career rather than taking advantage of spending time with my loved ones. So today I'm back cheerful and delighted with the new outfit post ! YEY ! I have a pretty awesome combo that I just know you'll love:

What I wore: - Zara dresses on overlay  - Deux Lux satchel  - Bullboxer pearl embellished boots  - Sterkowski hat - W.E. jacket - Cluse necklace 
Don't forget that with any CLUSE watch bought, you can get a free strap using my code: RUXANDRIOANA .
Thank you for visiting and be sure to be back tomorrow ! I'll be here with a new OOTD post - promised ;)
Kisses, R.

That Jazzy feeling ...

Hello sweeties, To end the week on a more artistic note, I thought I would share with you my experience at the "Music Off, Jazz On" event ( the Valentine edition) that was hosted at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels. The event is replacing the "Samedi à l'Opera" and bringing with it even twice the fun as it can take place twice per month. You can stay updated by following their Facebook page.

So, let's get started on my story ! 💘 I had the pleasure of attending the Vday special event which was fantastic ... rose petals, fine champagne, heart shaped confetti.. the works to make this celebration one to remember.  To set the mood, you can view the short video below just to see through my eyes the lovely atmosphere there:

For the food part.. it was just as I expected: AMAZING ! I hope they will never change their chefs and staff. The service is, as always, excellent and note that the menu itself isn't that expensive in comparison to other fine restaurants…

Waffels anyone?

Hey guys, I feel like I woke from a sleep coma... sometimes my body just needs to take a break and I'm happy I could catch up on my sleep last night even though outside I could hear people partying lol. And today I'm also back with a new outfit post that I bet you're gonna love !  My whole tenue comes from 3Suisses and I thought I'd do a mix that would be perfect for the weekend, perfect for going out. 

- NEXT blouse, velvet skirt, clutch, sandals, earrings and necklace available at 3Suisses 

So what do you think about this look? Will be back with more soon :)
Kisses, R.

One day...

Hi guys, I hope everything is going well for you and that you are ready for the weekend. I'll spend mine rearranging stuff and just focusing more on myself as I didn't do that in awhile now... I've always been the type to put the other person first, to dedicate myself entirely for a cause...and thus people tried to take advantage, but not anymore. I'm trying a different leap and I'll be sure to be more exigent in terms of human relations. Otherwise, I'm back with a new look that I simply know you'll adore - this Sonia Peña dress is from the new 2018 collection and it's perfect if you have a special event to attend.

What I wore: - Sonia Peña dress - Zaful bag - Zara shoes - Alysifeather brooch, but used it as a hair accessory


Hello boys and girls and Happy Valentine's Day to you all !  A box of chocolates ? A flower box? A giant teddybear maybe? I bet a lot of you received gifts today and for the single people, well, there is always next year, right? :) I have, as always, a new outfit post but one that doesn't quite suit the whole Vday mood...

What I wore: - River Island over the knee boots ( find similar ones here- Fashion Mia quilted padded coat - Dresslily bag - Mango sweater (underneath ) and the pants are also from Mango :)

Thank you for checking the blog and make sure to stay tuned on my stories tonight :)
Kisses, R.